The Moor Queen

The Bluethroat is a passerine from the Western Paleartic. Regular during the Winter time in the Iberian Peninsula. In Andalucia (south of Spain) this beautiful bird is known also as Reina Mora (Moor Queen).
The arabs lived in the Iberian Peninsula for eight centuries. Hence the abundant words and toponyms of arabic origin. The arab footprint is eveywhere in Andalucia.
I heard this lovely little story in a bird forum and I felt the need to share it. The storie goes that the farmers of the Granada coast noticed that the visits of the mother of the Young King Boabdil used to conicide with the visits of Bluethroats on their coasts. It was the delicate health of the Queen Mother what forced her to escape the hardships of the Granada climate and look for warmer temperatures on the coast  during the Winter –like the bluethorats. And this is how the locals started to refer to this bird as “la Reina Mora”

Pechiazul (Luscinia svecica) by Diana de Palacio in Las Minas, san Martin de la Vega, Madrid

The Pechiazul (spanish for Bluethroat) is also recorded in many places of the cost of Almeria during the winter.
Hope you liked it.

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