Look at me, I am not Just a Little Plant!

Today I would like to celebrate the great diversity of the Andalusian Region where the Sierra Cabrera is located. And I am going to write about Limonium, a little plan endemic to this part of the world.

Andalusia is the largest region of Spain – approximately one-fifth of the Spanish part of the Iberian Peninsula. heterogeneous is one way of describing it. In the eastern corner of Andalusia is Almeria, the dryest part of continental Europe.

The special environmental conditions make this coast an amazing place to enjoy the wonders of botany.

Limonium stevei

is an endemic species of the Almeriense sector that can be found in the hills of the Sierra Cabrera. This little plant has its own (righteous) entry in Wikipedia, endangered according to IUCN and theoretically protected by the Andalusian law. It can’t be found in any other regions of the world. And it is probably the most important wild living organism in the area. Its conservation should be a priority for the local authorities. It is important to preserve the treasures that nature gives because in the future we might find out that the are very valuable for the human kind, they are , in fact, our service providers.


Photo taken from here.


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