The Almond Tree in Spring

My Mediterranean Tree in May

The day before I came back to the UK I took my lovely family on the Trans-Cabrera route. We started it inland and drove across the mountains to the sea, the beautiful blue Mediterranean. I didn’t just did the trip to capture how this tree was doing 4 months after I took the first photo. I just wanted to enjoy the spring in the countryside.

My Mediterranean Tree, from

On a beautifull day last january I took this photographs of a flowering almmond tree. When I got home I sent it to the weather forecast team and I got it on the evening news. A few days later came back to the UK (my exile) and discovered the tree year project.

The almond tree has somehow lost its sex appeal now in May, has green almonds.

Green Almonds

The sea side of the mountain is not looking as great and alive as the northern side. In the northern side all the plants are flowering. We were lucky enugh to find a Tortoise Testudo graeca on the road :-). I swa some very pretty Piramidal Orchids and enjoy every square metre of this place.

Testudo graeca

Phlomis on th Turre side of the Sierra
Piramidal orchid
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